EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

The Most Known Unknown EDM Photographers: Vol. 1

The EDM Network is proud to present the first installation of our Most Known Unknown series, curated by Anita Obasi, and focusing on EDM photographers who are making serious moves to the top. This is not going to be an expose on Rukes, but rather an in-depth look at the strides many other photographers are making while also actively shaping the culture with their presence.

Our first photographer being highlighted is Gilly of Simply G Photography, self-proclaimed as “your girlfriend’s favorite photographer.” Armed with an official website, a Twitter of just under 400 followers, and 1.1k instagram followers, Gilly's social media presence hardly represents the depth of quality in his images. However few other photographers truly reflect all of the debauchery that inevitably takes place in EDM culture quite like him.

I think the way he utilized his Instagram makes it the best platform to really appreciate his talent. Gilly keeps it less than G-rated with most of his pictures, but that is exactly what he is trying to bring out. However, when you peruse through his official website, it’s pretty clear in the FAQ section that he himself runs this endeavor like a true G.

"2) Can you take my pictures down?

            No. By entering said venue you gave permission for myself and colleagues to take and use your picture at our discretion

3) Can you send me...?

            No. I don't have time to sort through my pictures and find your mug shot. If you wish to purchase an image feel free to contact me, we can work something out."

He has shot at Fools Gold Day Off, Beyond Wonderland, as well as the shows of Dillon Francis, Lil Jon, Above & Beyond. However, he seems to be a wholehearted part of Brillz's TWONK team movement, as many of the images he caputres are of "TWONK fam."

Part of what shapes the EDM scene is the family mentality that artists promote to their fans, who often mobilize via social media platforms and meet up at shows. Many people who are passionate about their artistic hobbies practice their talents within this space, which often rewards them with recognition among their peers. With the use of social media and the ease of interacting with fanbases, artists are more easily able to crowdsource their needs - such as filming and photography - to those who understand their mission the most. In this case, Gilly's pictures of TWONK family reveal the hip-hop influenced style and "weirdo" ethos that is so central to this movement.

His ability to capture the cultural aspects which help establish the TWONK movement and the essence of ‘IDGAF’ in general makes him a photographer to watch as this scene grows.

Cover Photo via Simply G Photography

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