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Pete Tong Talks About EDM's Identity Crisis

It's no secret that the disconnect between older generations of dance music enthusiasts and the emerging EDM generation has left many of the scene's elder statesmen disillusioned. In a recent LA Weekly interview, BBC Radio 1 DJ and global dance music icon Pete Tong expressed opinions about how to bridge the gap and ensure that the phenomenon of EDM has a long, healthy lifespan.

While some of the scene's more vocal critics like Seth Troxler and deadmau5 resort to personal jabs when asked about similar issues, Tong only made one such reference during the interview. "When EDM blew up, everyone thought we all throw cake," he half joked, alluding to Steve Aoki's recently discontinued stage gimmick. "We don't."

Instead, Tong revisited a topic to which we here at The EDM Network have certainly been no stranger.

"I think [EDM is] as big as it gets unless we change something," Tong says. "We're at a point where it's not an ever-growing bubble. I do think it's bouncing off the ceiling now. Great music will take it to the next level."

Tong also made particularly astute observations on the role technology plays in the movement, speculating that artists will not need to rely on tie-ins with major labels and festivals to succeed. "Now all these amazing platforms and systems are being built, and the focus is coming back to content," he said.

Check out the interview in its entirety here.

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