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EDM.com Spotlight

Hook N Sling Joins Insomniac Records, Releases Spotify Playlist

There’s no denying that Insomniac is one of the biggest and most influential companies behind dance music right now. With festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival slowly moving from one rendition in Las Vegas to a worldwide festival, and smaller festivals like Insomniac’s Wonderland series dominating the scene, the LA-based company is at the top of its game, and has a hand in nearly every aspect of dance music.


In 2014, the powerhouse production company headed by Pasquale Rotella expanded into a new market, the record business, with the signing of Russian producer, Arty, to Insomniac Records. Arty was soon joined by HARD CEO Destructo on the Insomniac Records roster, and the growing record label has one more member to add to its family, Hook N Sling.

Alongside his signing to Insomniac Records, Hook N Sling has delivered his latest single, “Break Yourself,” which features electro-rap trio, Far East Movement. Blending Far East Movements smooth rap verses with ground-shaking bass lines, “Break Yourself” is g-house at its finest.

As an added bonus, Hook N Sling has curated a Spotify playlist based on “Break Yourself.” In a comment about the playlist, he said,

"I like making playlists. It kinda reminds me of making mixes for my friends when I first started Djing. Anyways with this one, the vibe was completely set by Break Yourself. A song that's driven by melancholy chords and a driving house groove."

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