EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Infrasound is the Hidden Gem of Midwest Music Festivals

Infrasound's unique vibe helps set it apart from your traditional dance music gathering.

In a world polluted with commercial EDM events, Infrasound strives to provide it's attendees with an entirely different type of musical experience. Tucked away in the beautiful foothills of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, this thriving festival is not only grabbing the attention of Midwest natives, but also drawing considerable praise from concert-goers all around the nation.

Following up a wildly successful 2014 campaign, the Infrasound 2015 lineup arguably showcases their strongest roster of musicians to date. As is usually the case, Tipper has been granted full headlining responsibilities with two sets scheduled for the weekend. In additon, The Opiuo Band will be making one of their first live apperances while Benga comes back into the fold with some wicked duel-set action. With names like Truth, BadKlaat, Bukez Finezt, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, MuK, Bommer, Grimblee, Nostalgia, XaeboR, and Tsuruda helping round out the rest of the lineup, it's pretty obvious that Infrasound prides itself on bringing out some bass music heavy-hitters as well. Take a quick glance at the full list of talented performers below.

The second phase of artist announcements is expected to be revealed on April 13th, so you would be wise to have your head on a swivel. Until then, you can keep yourself entertained by viewing this stunning video recap from last year's festival. If Infrasound's unbelievable environment doesn't make you want to escape the monotony of the EDC's and Ultra's of the world, nothing else will.

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