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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch A Young Avicii Perform Hip Hop

It's always interesting to learn a new musical original of a now-big-name artist.

Avicii posted a picture to his Instagram today of him with the ever-controversial DJ/producer Carnage. He wrote a status that seems to be responding to and referencing an inside joke with the DJ. At the end of the post, he included a dropbox link to a home video. 

The video is young Tim Bergling with a friend performing at what looks like a school talent show. Check out the clip of them trading off lip syncing to a track by Swedish rapper Lilleman. Neither artist has publicly disclosed the context of the situation or what was posted, but we can't help but enjoy this video and the name that Tim gave the video file, "Tim goes Lilleman." 

Cover photo via bearave.com 

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