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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Best Albums & EPs Of March 2015

In this new monthly series, EDM.com staff writer picks five albums and EPs that he considers to be the best releases of the month. While many high-profile albums come out each month, this series aims to highlight quality albums regardless of hype and mainstream appeal. This month, Cody's picks include a surprise album from Green Velvet & Carl Craig and the highly-anticipated return of The Prodigy. Read our picks for the albums and EPs of March below: 

5. The Prodigy - The Day is my Enemy 

Electronic music's finest rock 'n' roll hybrid went on a lengthy break as EDM took over the world, but The Prodigy delievered a great follow-up with The Day is my Enemy. The album may not break any new ground, but the group's ability to combine anthemic vocals, big beat stylings and controlled chaos reminds us that we sorely missed The Prodigy. 

4. Bells and Robes - One Should See Sound Pt. II 

This Gainesville duo has gained considerable momentum over the past year, releasing their album One Should See Sound in 2014 and lighting up venues across Florida. Bells and Robes sequel piece, an EP aptly titled One Should See Sound Pt. II, follows the trip hop themes and sounds from its big brother album. A particular highlight is the track "Neurofeedback", which is enhanced by the duo's use of chilling instrumentals and hazy vocals.   

3. Green Velvet & Carl Craig - Unity 

Is this EDM's answer to the growing tensions in The United States? With track titles such as "Murder of the Innocent" and its provocative cover art, it's hard to deny the zeitgeist of this surprise album from techno legends Green Velvet and Carl Craig. At its core, Unity reminds us why these two producers rose to define electronic music before it was accepted to the mainstream, thumping house music and all. 

2. GRiZ - Say It Loud 

Originally a bass musician who interlayed his tracks with some saxophone playing, GRiZ now wears his funky influences on his sleeve. His latest album, Say It Loud, achieves the effect captured in the album title: jamming sax solos, infectious vocal guest spots and a refusal to follow the fleeting trends of EDM. Consider GRiZ a star with this newest release, and embrace the funk. 

1. Scuba - Claustrophobia 

Scuba makes a strong case for album of the year contender with Claustrophobia, a gripping LP that demands the listener to grimace and and shiver as he or she dances. Scuba continues to masterfully bass, synths and drums to ease the listener into his techo-laden nightmare, one that can fit well at a nightclub or a horror video game. It's a dynamic album, one that will shake the underground to its very core.  

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