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Watch Alex Trebek Quiz Contestants On Their Skrillex Knowledge

EDM icon Skrillex has been mentioned on a recent episode of the generation-spanning trivia game show Jeopardy! Skrillex followed Gorillaz as an answer to a question under the category of "They Played Coachella."


After correctly answering "Gorillaz" to the $1,600 question in the same category, a contestant chose the final question: "The 2014 festival featured more than 150 acts," host Alex Trebek rattled off, "including this superstar dance DJ born Sonny Moore." Another contestant took the $2,000 by correctly answering, "Who is Skrillex?" Check out the clip from the Jeopardy! episode below:

This is actually the second time Skrillex's name has found its way into a Jeopardy! question, and the first was far more awkward. In a 2014 episode, the show's writers made something of a stretch by asserting that Skrillex's name was somehow tied to the slang term "skrilla," which the annotation platform Genius dates back to 1991. The video for the 2014 episode is below:

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