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EDM.com Spotlight

The Apple Watch Can Be Your Own Personal DJ

Ahead of its official release, developers of the Apple Watch have revealed a couple of its apps on the device that are geared towards music lovers. Pacemaker DJ is a remote control for the Pacemaker iPad app, which allows its users to select and mix songs from their library.

As the Apple Watch is optimizing its interface for fast simple use, the functionality for Pacemaker DJ is far more limited than that of its iPad counterpart. It works with the "Autopilot" function of the mobile app, enabling its user to skip between songs while still transitioning seamlessly from one to the next. While no video of the Apple Watch app is available, you can check out a tutorial of the iPad app below:

Among the dozens of apps in various stages of development for the Apple Watch is also a guitar tuner called AMPLIFi Remote.

[H/T: Create Digital]

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