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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Of The Trippiest Portable LED Speakers

The most crucial element of any house party is a proper sound system. If you’re trying to kick the party up a notch, you can invest in a high quality pair of LED portable speakers to light up your music. Electronic dance music only gets better when experienced in a multi-sensory environment. From fountain speakers to dancing robots, these party-starting portable speakers are designed to entertain. 

1) JBL Pulse

Price: $199.99

If you’re opting for the unplugged route, the JBL Pulse is the perfect speaker for you. This portable light show speaker runs on a rechargeable battery for up to five hours of music and offers Bluetooth connection for ultimate accessibility. The Pulse also has custom-programmed color themes that access all parameters of the color spectrum to optimize and personalize your listening experience. Due to the lightweight nature of the speaker, you can enjoy the room filling sounds of JBL anytime anywhere.

2) SuperNova Light Cube

Price: $79.99

The SuperNova Light Cube portable speaker illustrates a glowing piece of art with 36 different color palette modes. The speaker refracts and projects light through the prisms that generate the vibrant light show. SuperNova operates off a 2 mode button system and offers Bluetooth connectivity. This portable speaker delivers a massive explosion of sounds through it's top quality speakers and stimulating visuals.

3) 3D Printed Speakers

These 3D printed speakers really push technological boundaries with their revolutionary concept. The creators of the unreleased product, Autodesk, utilized the Object Connex 500 3D printer with rubber and plastic to create transparent speaker cubes. The LED strips are controlled separately by a micro-controller via an iPad app, giving the user the ability to choose between various color patterns.

4) Light Show Fountain Speakers

Price: $49.95

Purchasing a pair of these light show fountain speakers is essentially buying your own Tiësto show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only will the fountain-like features of the portable speakers illustrate the sounds and bass of the music you're listening to, but the built-in light show delivers an all-inclusive listening experience unlike any other. These light show fountain speakers will display an unparalleled visual performance with four LED beams shooting up almost nine inches tall.

5) Ion Audio Party Bot

The Party Bot from Ion Audio is the perfect dancing companion for the music connoisseur. This portable speaker comes to life with 50 watts of sound, a built-in light show and wireless access via Bluetooth. Not only will the Party Bot dance and move around with you at the party, but movement sensors prevent the bot from running into a wall or falling down the stairs. The Party Bot projects its supreme light show onto walls and ceilings alongside a 4-inch woofer for an instant party-starter.  

Cover photo via Ion Audio

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