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TomorrowWorld Creators Release Study On EDM Fans

SFX Entertainment's dubious foray into the business side of EDM has yielded some promising endeavors so far in 2015, and now the conglomerate responsible for "the EDM arms race" of 2012-2013 has put together a team for research related to the EDM community. The Audience Insights Group draws from data gathered through the SFX-owned Beatport download service among other sources and has released some initial findings to the public that could completely change the way brands think about EDM fans. 

"...a culture that's bigger than the music itself"

Among the inferences drawn by the data are indications that a majority of Beatport users think of EDM as "a culture that's bigger than the music itself," and "a defining aspect of [their] generation." Obvious correlations between the electronic music fan base and social media were determined; 51% said that they used their smart phones to find out about artists they were seeing while at an event and 50% said they post about what events they attend on various platforms, the most common of which being Facebook and Instagram

In regards to the music itself, 66% said that they listened mostly to house, 55% deep house and 53% electro. Those three were the most widely represented genres according to the research.

Perhaps most importantly, 93% of Beatport users claim to "appreciate when brands help bring them great events," and 87% think more positively about a brand knowing it's associated with EDM. This means that brands stand a better chance at connecting to its fans by aligning with EDM culture rather than attempting to influence it.

Check out the full release here.

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Cover photo via tomorrowworld.com

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