EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

5 Ways EDM Fans Can Sleep More Soundly

1) SleepPhones: Pajamas For Your Ears

This nifty little invention is a key accessory for any dedicated raver. Relieve stress and listen to music with wonderfully soft SleepPhones - the incredibly comfortable looking headphones! Designed by a physician, the innovative, high-quality headphones were developed to help users fall asleep fast and naturally. 

2) BodiSpa The Traveler Massaging Pillow with Speakers

This product is perfect for those music fans on-the-go, headed to the next festival adventure. The BodiSpa Pilllow not only messages your head-bobbing and shoulder dancing muscles but allows you to comfortable play music as you dose off to rest up for madness ahead. Complete with a 3-speed massager, a pocket for your phone or mp3 player, bead filling and fleece cover, this pillow will be your best traveling friend. 

3) The Perfect Soothing Spotify Playlist

Now that you're stocked with headphones and a musical pillow - you need the perfect bedtime playlist to set your mind straight. EDM fans looking for tunes to help them snooze can take advantage of Spotify's playlist options to curate their own or select from a searchable list of thousands. Vibing Coachella right now? Want to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Kaskade? Is Rufus a little more your style? Choose with just the touch of a button and let the playlist roll. 

4) Rave Pajamas 

There is no better feeling than jumping into bed after a long day and night of raving wearing your favorite pair of PJs. A merch tshirt for your favorite EDM act always makes for the great sleep wear. If sleeping in T-shirts isn't your thing, you can find fresh rave gear for crashing in style like these EDM PJs


5) The Hangover SOS

Been raving all day long and need a rescue remedy before you go to sleep? This is your party lifeline. The Hangover SOS promises to cut the impact of your over indulging while replenishing all of your lost vitamins and minerals from dancing your face off. After two years of development and and a partnership with some genius white coat beverage scientists, the creators have fine-tuned a formula of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and herbs to help you wake up feeling fresher and sharper no matter how crazy the night before. Get your order here.



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