EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Documentary Beautifully Captures The Explosion Of Dance Music In America

A new EDM documentary is shedding light on how EDM rose to dominance and who is really in control. Heard But Not Seen provides an unprecedented look into the characters and specialists that make the EDM scene pop with the world’s greatest entertainment, week after week. 

Directed by Doug Bogan and filmed by Mike Koziel, the documentary interviews journalists, artist management, promoters and stage designers to offer a closer look at how exactly the EDM industry grew to such great prominence and why the fans ultimately dictate how the culture evolves.

The short film weaves between colorful performances by The Chainsmokers, Cosmic Gate and Cash Cash, while providing insight from a slew of industry professionals including:

Jared Lucas | Artist · Kap Slap
Alex Bender | Founder/Owner · Revere Management Group
Clayton Warwick | Co-Owner · The Music Ninja (blog) & Owner · Cadence & Cause
Matthew Walt | Founder/Owner · Articulate Entertainment
Chris Culnane | Co-Owner · The Oxford Group
Ryan Taylor | Co-Owner · The Oxford Group
Melissa Lake | Executive Director · ONEHOPE Foundation
Vello Virkhaus | CEO/Creative Director · V Squared Labs
Tom McPhillips | Chairman/CCO · Atomic Design
Chris Anderson | Founder/Owner · Anderson Audio
Karl Detken | Director of Marketing · inMusic Brands

Check out the documentary below!

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