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Collab Wish List - JME x Deeco x Major Lazer

First up in the Collab Wish List series, we’re going transcontinental with an independent UK MC, a veteran grime producer, and a world-renowned US DJ outfit. From moombahton to grime, we'd like to hear a collaboration between JME, Deeco, and Major Lazer.

JME (Jamie Adenuga), the Nigerian grime MC hailing from London, has over 10 years in the UK grime scene. Spitting bars, smashing parties, and shotting clothes, JME is one of the keystones of grime crew BBK (Boy Better Know) with his brother Skepta, who is also well renowned in the scene. What separates JME from a lot of grime MCs is the clarity of his delivery, coupled with lyrical ability and his trademark energy and aggression that has earned him a loyal following in the London grime scene. JME released his new album Integrity last week on iTunes, with tracks including "96 F**Kries" and my personal favourite, "Work."

JME is grime through and through, and has been unwavering as the genre has come in and out of favour within the mainstream. We've seen many notable MCs fall by the wayside as BBK continues to push the best of grime music; that being said, I have no doubt that JME and fellow BBK producer DEECO, known for his hits "Let’s Roll" and "If You Don’t Know," would put together something special if they ever got in the studio with the likes of Major Lazer.

Major Lazer has worked with multiple vocalists across an insane range of beats, crossing the gap between dancehall, trap, reggae, and pretty much any style of dance music that involves a catchy hook and a bassline. Looking at the back catalogue, you’ll see that Major Lazer has pushed genre boundaries working with artists such as Pharell Williams on the minimal beat, vocal exhibition that was "Aerosol Can" (rrrra-pom-pa-pom), 2012 anthem "Get Free" with Amber Coffman (big up Andy C on the remix), and the insane Lazerproof remix compilation for La Roux's album Bulletproof).

To put it simply, Major Lazer has been responsible for some of the biggest international dance floor fillers of the last 3 years, and in my opinion, a high profile grime collaboration with JME and Deeco would be, well, serious! Major Lazer’s third album Peace Is The Mission is already finished and is expected to drop this June, and their collaboration with and DJ Snake is already secured. Although we’ll have to wait for the next EP for this request, let’s hope for less "Bubble Butt" and more BBK, because if this ever happens - you heard it here first - it’s charting, and it’s gonna be a vibe.

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