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EDM.com Spotlight

The Martinez Brothers Release Tech House EP ‘The Masters Collection Vol. 1' Under New Alias

Steve and Christian Martinez have been throwing down groovy house tracks under the appropriate stage name The Martinez Brothers for quite some time, and they have helped pave the way for global dance music with their unique and genre-encompassing productions. As they’ve developed an inspiring sound of their own for dance floors everywhere, the brothers have accrued an impressive catalog filled with remixes and originals to keep the parties going all night long. Raised in the Bronx, New York, the two have deep roots in urban culture which can often be heard in the form of hip-hop elements making appearances in their music.

The brothers have a busy road ahead of them, as they’ve recently launched their own imprint Cuttin’ Headz, which aims to mold their urban influences into hip-hop and dance genres. In addition, they are also in the midst of launching the Tuskegee label with fellow techno/tech house superstar Seth Troxler, which will reach a whole different spectrum of dance fans.

But the hot news today is that The Martinez Brothers have taken up a new alias in collaboration with producers Jesse Calosso and Blas Cordero under the name Masters At Dutch. The group has just spawned a free 10-track mixtape, dubbed as The Masters Collection Vol. 1. The tech-house production is laden with funk, 4-to-the-floor drums, and holds a nostalgic resemblance of productions by dance gods Frankie Bones and Joey Beltram.

“We made these tracks while we were off...  We wanted to thank all our fans who have supported us and bought tickets to our shows last year & hope you know we appreciate you guys!! so we're giving you a collection of tracks for free download so you can check out what we've been up to.”

The EP kicks off with two funk fueled tracks in “Come to Kingsbridge” and “4 Day Weekend” before segueing into two more traditional tech-house tracks in “Actin’ Up” and “Bene Debt”. ‘The Masters Collection’ comes to a close with oscillating lasers in “L’s With Cream Cheese” and the space-infused track “The Last Palma." The bold addition of the intro, interlude, and outro tracks to this tech house album remind us of The Martinez Brothers’ love for hip-hop and round out this thoughtfully constructed album. The good news is that we’re assuming there will be a volume 2 to follow this first act, so this won’t be the last we hear from these guys.

'The Masters Collection Vol. 1' is available to download for free here!

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