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New Study Reveals Trick For Getting Songs Out Of Your Head

Earlier this year we explored the phenomenon of earworms, whereby repetitive actions, sounds or various visual triggers can result in songs being stuck in your head. Luckily, a study on countering this phenomenon reveals an unorthodox solution: chewing gum.

Researchers from the University of Reading surveyed 98 individuals and observed that those who chewed gum while listening to a tune increased their chances of not having the song stuck in their head by 33%. This might be a result of disturbing your short-term memory internalizing the sound of the song because of the overriding sound and action of chewing.

Although researchers used a small sample size to come to such a conclusion, it is a valid enough study that it was successfully published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Even more reason to keep some gum handy when jamming out to top 40 radio in the car.

Go test it out for yourself... 

[H/T Mashable]

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