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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Launches Campaign To Encourage Fans To Stand Up For Their Rights

Bassnectar is teaming up with Electric Forest festival to launch the “Think For Yourself” Social Campaign, which is designed to raise awareness about the on-going issue of internet freedom and privacy. Electric Forest aims to celebrate its spirit of freedom and personal expression with this unique contest, giving fans the chance to win some major prizes while educating themselves and debating on important issues.

The “Think For Yourself” campaign launches today, and over the next several weeks, contestants will be encouraged to participate in a series of online actions, such as signing up to join in on the dialogue, watching videos and reading articles about the internet privacy issue, and sharing information to inspire their friends to join in. The more actions entrants complete, the greater their chance of winning prizes, such as entry to the sold-out Electric Forest festival, complete with travel and VIP tickets. Participants can also win Tentsile tree tents, a golf cart ride with Bassnectar and the chance to be included in the “Family Photo” taken onstage at the end of Bassnectar’s performance at Electric Forest. 

“Privacy. This word has become loaded, and often implies you have something to hide,” says Lorin Ashton, more commonly known as Bassnectar. “But don’t believe the hype. Every human deserves private space and sanctuary to share the thoughts and information they want, and to keep other thoughts and information to themselves… Engage with an open mind, and to draw your own conclusions on what you think the internet should become.” 

The “Think For Yourself” Campaign is being launched as part of the 2015 Electric Forest Plug In fan participation program. Working in conjunction with non-profit partners The Urgency Network, an organization devoted to rewarding members for good deeds, and Fight for the Future, a self-described “non-profit working to expand the internet’s power for good,” Electric Forest seeks to create an open source fan engagement platform in this interactive contest dedicated to their spirit of personal freedom.

You can learn more about Bassnectar’s “Think For Yourself” Campaign here.

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