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See What DanceSafe Finds When Testing Molly At An Underground Rave [VIDEO]

Kellye Greene, the director of DanceSafe’s NYC chapter, with help from New-York based culture and arts publication Animal headed into an underground rave in Brooklyn to provide on-site drug testing. Watch the video below to see what she found... 

Due to the unregulated nature of MDMA and similar substances, the market has become riddled with drug mixtures that claim to be "molly" based, yet many actually contain substances like caffeine or even cleaning products. According to Greene, "What we find tends to kill people the most are complications from ingesting an unknown substance of unknown toxicity in higher doses than would be recommended."

Most of the drugs that were tested didn't come close to what the unsuspecting ravers thought they were buying. "I would definitely say a good one third of molly that comes through tends to be not MDMA, or MDMA with something else that’s present in it.” Greene explained.

Dancesafe is a drug education organization that offers on-site drug testing at events to help partygoers identify harmful contaminants in drugs that may be more harmful than the drug itself. The goals is to educate and aid partygoers to make safer decisions when partaking in what can be classified as "risky behavior." 

Despite the good intentions of the service, Dancesafe has difficulty in assisting those taking drugs due to the prevalence of undercover police. In addition, even though the company promotes harm reduction, their on-site drug testing can be misread by event organizers as promoting illegal drug use.

Learn more about the investigation by heading over to the full Animal article here

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