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EDM.com Spotlight

Go Behind The Scenes Of David Guetta's New Burning Man-Inspired Music Video

David Guetta's no. 1 hit single "Hey Mama" featuring Afrojack and Nicki Minaj has just received a blockbuster movie-like music video treatment complete with dune buggy joy rides, an Afrojack cameo, dancers  and artistic centerpieces. To get fans hyped for Guetta's performance at the Billboard Awards on Sunday, Guetta and Billboard just released a slew of behind-the-scenes shots from the making of the new video. Check them out...  

The video takes inspiration from the 2015 science fiction film Mad Max and the legendary Burning Man festival. Billboard took to the set to document the video shoot ahead of Guetta's Billboard Awards performance. The crew began the day in Burbank, California at 5:30am and trekked two hours out into the desert for the shoot. 

As Guetta told Billboard during the shoot, “I’m such a bad actor. I have to keep my parts very limited. When I see myself I’m always like, ‘Oh my god, you suck.’”

There is no release date for the video as of yet, but stay tuned to EDM.com and we will keep you updated. For more behind-the-scenes info, head over to the Billboard article.


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