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EDM.com Spotlight

Company To Launch New Service Designed To Be The Etsy For EDM

Streaming services, smartphone apps, and websites of all sorts are attaching to the EDM market, which has proved to be a $6.2 billion industry. One of the latest EDM-centric services to emerge is Vib.in, a website currently in private beta that is working toward becoming the Etsy equivalent in the EDM community.

The founder and mastermind behind the service is Ashish Patil, who can be found in the above photograph taken at the Philly Startup Leaders’ Entrepreneur Expo during Philly Tech Week 2015. The 28-year-old has a master's in technology management from Wharton as well as a heavy background in user experience. 

While he is still searching for developers to help continue the site’s production, Patil's vision for Vib.in is for it to become the go-to online site for both new and recycled electronic music festival needs. Patil is admittedly “not a house head,” although is intrigued by the industry and members itself.

The first 1,000 dance music fans to sign up for Vib.in will receive early access here.


[H/T: Techical.ly]

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