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10 Ways To Crush Your Music Festival Pre-Game

When thousands of young, amped-up music fans set out for a weekend of camping, dancing and just enjoying life, it can be magical. Add a 110 degree heat index to the mix and and some curious traditions are bound to be formed. After all, half of the fun of going to a music festival is hanging with friends tentside, or going through the involved morning process of putting together that perfect outfit. These multi-day hangouts are more than just concerts - they are full-blown, multi-sensory experiences, and with those experiences come a number of appropriately over-the-top pre-gaming rituals. We talked to some hardcore festies, and here are some steps they take to make sure they are in rare form for a day of festing. Please rage responsibly.

1) Drink beer out of flamingo (or heck, even a shoe) - Why drink beer out of its traditional can, bottle or cup vessel when you can opt for a colorful plastic flamingo or use your buddy's left shoe? The longstanding tradition of drinking a beer out of random items has been heightened over the last few years by names like Wick-It the Instigator, a producer who found a perfect match in day drinking and lawn ornaments with the invention of the Flabongo (which is exactly what it sounds like). Or who could forget Dillon Francis's recent foray with the Australian art of "Shoeys" during his Money Sucks, Friends Rule Tour? People like beer, and for some reason drinking it out of the unexpected object just makes it that much more enjoyable on a hot summer day. Booties up!

2) Take a glitter shower - As the pixie girl who camps next to you at every Electric Forest says, "You best not be leaving camp without your glitter shower!" We grew up surrounded by tacky mall shops that basically force fed us glitter in various goo, tube and tub forms. It's no surprise that our have such an affinity for the stuff. Plus, who doesn't like sparkling like a diamond in the unforgiving 3 PM sun? I'll take anything to attract the attention away from the sweat stains. Simply stand still and let your friends douse you until you shimmer like a mermaid. You might be finding it in your tent for the next 10 years, but you'll remember how 90s chic you looked that one fine festival day, and nothing else will matter.

3) Endure The Dunk - Did I mention it's hot as hell at most of these things? I'm not complaining; it's just a fact. Summer is awesome for many reasons, and ample sunshine tops that list. Lucky for you, festival kids basically invented the ice bucket challenge, except instead of doing it for a good cause, we just kind of saw an empty cooler and an out. And then, voila! The dunk was born. Sit in a chair, remove the cell phone from your pocket then proceed to have a friend dump icy, cooler remnents over your head. Not only is it a rapid way to cool down, the adrenaline rush is a perfect pick me up before heading into a packed day of dancing.

 4) Give Dizzy Bat a Spin - If you thought Dizzy Bat was only a game that elementary school aged children played prior to attacking a defenseless pinata, you are sorely mistaken. Dizzy Bat is still alive and well in the festival grounds, only now, beer is involved (shocker). Put your head to the butt of a plastic wiffle bat and then circle the bat as quickly as possible 10-15 times before chugging the contents from the bat. The good news is, you don't have to make contact with a tee ball or a pinata. The bad news is, if you throw up in front of security they probably aren't going to let you in. 

5) Do a Dunkaroo - You won't believe me when I say what I'm about to tell you is actually better than those kangaroo shaped cookies and frosting snacks that mom used to pack you for lunch back in the day. In fact, this has nothing to do with marsupial munchies. The Dunkaroo takes a new form as a macho drinking game that ends with a punch to the face. Yes, you read that right. Step 1: Dunk head in a cooler of ice water and remain submerged until you run out of breath. Step 2: Task one large gasp of air and exhale. Step 3: Shot gun a beer. Step 4: Have buddy punch you in the face. Some dudes say they like it because the ice water makes their face numb and they can't feel the punch, but really I think this is just an excuse for bros to relieve testosterone driven tension prior to inevitable hottie overload upon entering the festival grounds. We know it's dumb, but we definitely want to watch.

6) Take a round of slap shots - Here's another one for folks who prefer a little physical contact with their drinking games. Take a shot of your liquor of choice, then take a slap to the face in lieu of a chaser. It's still better than Diet Mountain Dew.

7) Circle up for slap the bag - Another game that calls upon your most primal girlie skills, Slap the Bag has become a favorite among festival goers because of the versatility, portability and low price points that go hand in hand with everyone's favorite, boxed wine. Plus you get to chuck a hefty bag of wine at your bro who lost his wallet while vibing at the Calvin Harris show last night (No, I will not spot you for another brew.) Now, let's circle up! The person holding the wine bag will slap the bag and call out the name of another camper who must be ready to catch or slap the wine bag that is most likely heading straight toward his/her face. If they miss or are blocked from slapping the bag, they must drink from the sweet, sweet nozzle. PRO TIP: Zinfandel is NOT White Zinfandel. I don't know how I made this mistake once, but consuming a box of red wine at Bonnaroo was one of the more intense experiences of my adult life.

8) Subject your body to an arts and crafts workshop - When it comes to festival fashion, there is no shortage of glow in the dark face paint, spray hair color, adhesive jewels, glitter, and feathers. While human peacocks are a beautiful thing to behold, it's the transformation process that's really the most fun to watch. Put on some good tunes and get to work bedazzling yourself from head to toe with anything colorful, sparkly and stickly you can find. After all, when else is it entirely acceptable to look like a human wish troll or a fake Native American?

9) Play a Fast-Paced Game of Snappa - Are you great at catching, throwing, drinking and talking trash? If you answered yes to these four questions, then Snappa is the pre-game ritual for you. This four-player game requires an intense amount of concentration as teammates must be able to communicate effectively even as the drinks continue to be consumed. Position four players in camping chairs around a make shift table and aim your a die at an opponents cup. Once the die has left the hand of the offensive player (underhand only), defense must actually catch the object before it hits the ground. Rounds go to seven and points are awarded for both cups and catches. When a team gets cupped they are required to drink the contents and spit the die on the table. If a five is revealed, they must refill the cups and consume those as well. Let's hope lady luck ain't messing around with this one.

10) Christen the campsite - This can be done in a number of ways, but many festival goers suggest a group shotgun following set-up as a way to bring good luck and fortune to the festival weekend. May the sets be epic, new friends be acquired and the ground scores be plentiful!

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