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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Above & Beyond's Remix Of Two Electronica Legends

Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream may not be common names among newer fans to EDM, but their contributions to electronic music have been monumental. Jarre advanced the concept of live electronic shows with elaborate productions throughout his career, and the group Tangerine Dream released over 100 albums since their formation in 1967. This year, Jarre will release three singles, one of which was done with Tangerine Dream co-founder Edgar Froese before he died in early 2015. 

That single is called "Zero Gravity," and trance trio Above & Beyond took on the big role to give the track an official remix. Above & Beyond member Jono Grant prefaced the remix by stating his appreciation for both artists, citing the two artists as inspirations for his electronic music production. The remix gives the track a trance-y spin, complete with some progressive builds and uplifting melodies. 

Listen to Above & Beyond's "Zero Gravity" below: 

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