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EDM.com Spotlight

Dieselboy, Downlink, Mark The Beast, and Mayhem Drop Mega-Collab 'Carcosa'

Dieselboy's reputation as a DJ definitely precedes him. Almost to the point where some of us are quick to forget about this talented DnB dual-threat - but make no mistakes about it, because this musician has no shortage of experience when it comes to engineering all kinds of high-quality, bass-heavy productions. While official releases from this artist can seem few and far between as times, whenever he unveils an original creation, the collective drum & bass universe puts everything else on pause for a moment.

Now, in regards to the track itself, "Carsosa" was fused together with major assistance from some of EDM's most well-known faces. Downlink brings his wealth of dubstep knowledge to the table, whereas Mark The Beast and Mayhem are established trap music presences. In true no guts, no glory fashion, these four troublemakers go absolutely apeshit on this once-in-a-lifetime bass beatdown. As the pace of this catastrophic tune really picks up, it will probably feel as if your heart is beating out of your chest like never before.

Directly supported by both Subhuman and Uplink Audio, it's simple to see why this menacing song has already received an abnormal amount of praise across the board. Who knows when another drumstep-meets-metal track might come around, but we'll be here to provide coverage, waiting patiently with open ears.

You can now purchase "Carcosa" by clicking here.

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