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EDM.com Spotlight

Check Out This Interactive Room-Sized LED Instrument [VIDEO]

The Parisian interactive art group known as Iregular is unveiling a new exhibit called "The Color of Things." This new installation is an illuminated room sized harp-like instrument that is built from a series of plastic tubes. As the instrument is strummed, infrared sensors detect the plucking of the harp’s “strings” and project light and sound into the installation. While the device sounds nothing like an actual harp, it is great for creating an interactive sensory experience, complete with rave-styled flashing lights and eerie sound designs that could serve as the soundtrack to a horror movie. You can watch a demonstration of ‘The Color of Things’ below... 

In the words of Iregular founder Daniel Iregui, “This project represents very well the type of experiences we create. Interactive experiences that connect the web and physical world to tell one story and use each medium in its own specific way. Both parts explore the concept of perception and point of view and allow participants to find meaning with their interactions and the interaction of others.”

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