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Nero Divulges Plans To Transition From DJ Act To Live Band

After a four-year break between LPs, Nero’s follow-up album to Welcome Reality (2011) is slated to release on August 28, which is actually a reference to the opening track of their first album, "2808." Between II Worlds, the sophomore album, is expected to continue Nero’s signature sound of dark, futuristic electronic with a flare for 80’s synth-pop and hard-hitting drum and bass. You can check out the first single from the album, "The Thrill," below. In support of their new album, Nero is re-imagining their live show, shying away from DJing and making the switch to a three-piece electronic band.

“There’s all this nervous energy because it’s not just a DJ set -- you could mess up at any minute -- but it's got the momentum of a DJ set. People go nuts,” says Daniel Stephens, one of the group’s producers.

Fans of the group can expect to see more live elements and instrumentation weaved into their performances, though the band says they will continue to incorporate theatrics into their show, as well.

While the group has been hesitant in the past to perform their slower pieces amongst their bangers in concert, they are looking to add more variation to the types of songs they’ll be playing live.

"We gave it a whirl one time during a show and our management said people were crying, hugging," says vocalist Alana Watson.

You can look for Nero’s new album later this year, or pre-order it here and receive the title track and "Satisfy" as an instant download.

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