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EDM.com Spotlight

This Rave-Inspired Fitness Program Makes Working Out Fun

A New York entrepreneur has created a new Rave-inspired workout dubbed ((305)) Fitness. Complete with a DJ blasting dance-friendly remixes, this killer workout program promises to burn 800 calories per class. Each class combines High Intensity Interval Training with fun dance moves to fool participants into thinking they are out partying when in reality they are getting a full-body workout. Sounds pretty fun, right? Check out the video below... 

((305)) Fitness, named after Miami’s area code, was founded by Sadie Kurzban while she was still a student at Brown University. Kurzban was inspired to launch the program after she was granted $75,000 in start-up funds after winning an entrepreneurship contest through the university. The fitness program is sure to be a success with its melding of non-stop cardio and HIIT Training, cleverly disguised as a dance party.


[H/T: HauteLiving]

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