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Ten Ways Snapchat Reminds Us That DJs Are People Too

We are all familiar with that sinking feeling in our gut when someone screenshots our embarrassing Snapchat. Well, I’ve been stalking many of your favorite DJs on Snapchat to try and capture any number of embarrassing moments. But I realized something in this process. These DJs aren’t really that different from you and I. Here’s why:

1. Being a DJ is still a job, and jobs generally include doing work that will keep you employed.

For example: You can count on Dirtybird Records’ Snapchat to be fairly ridiculous. Just this last week, I’m pretty sure I watched label owner Claude VonStroke make a cake from scratch on a baking segment for promotion. There were nearly 40 seconds (which is a lifetime in the world of Snapchat) of him just icing the cake. It was equally hilarious and confusing to see the large DJ making frosting. But hey, work is work. You know the deal.

2. They trick their friends into taking Snap-videos when their friends think they are posing for a photo.

For example: DJ Carnage has a sly habit of tricking people into thinking he is taking a still-frame selfie with them when, in fact, it’s actually a video. Maybe he’s just a normal person after all. Maybe…

3. Squealing way too enthusiastically as the Snap-video-taker when thinking about everyone will see the shenanigans that they’re up to.

For example: Diplo is a super avid Snapchatter and recently posted a video of him firing off dollar bills into the air by a tool that I have dubbed the “Make-It-Rain Gun”. He squealed with excitement as he made it rain at high velocity. Although many of us aren’t able to make it rain paper bills just yet, it’s nice to know that DJs get excited about silly things too.

4. Doing/Saying inappropriate things on your Snap-story that will embarrass you tomorrow.

For example: Every DJ does this. Every last one of them. You know that moment when you check your Snapchat Story the morning after a wild night to see what sort of damage you did and you groan when you realize that half the people in your friends list saw the embarrassing moment(s) while you were sleeping off the hangover until 3pm. Fear not, DJs do this too.

5. Writing in the rest of your sentence with paint, because text doesn't give you enough letters.

For example: What’s the Snapchat letter limit? Come on, I know you know what it is. Well, so do your favorite DJs. Not even Snapchat will grant them enough space to finish their sentence. They have to utilize the paint function to chicken scratch the rest of their sentence in. And don’t even think about making your text into that larger font. That cuts down nearly half your text allowance. What’s with that?

6. Selfies.

For example: I don’t think I need to elaborate here. But here are some good selfies, because DJs like to show off their pretty mugs, too.

7. Using Snapchat to invite your friends out to a party, even though you know a text would be more effective.

For example: You want everyone in your friends list to know that you’re having a good time, even if they can’t make it to the event. DJs definitely do this. Valentino Khan is one of the many DJs that uses Snapchat to share info about his shows. Talk about FOMO.

8. They take pictures of their meals, too.

For example: Ooah (Josh Mayer of Glitch Mob) took us through a whole series of food pics and videos as he was cooking up some delicious looking stir fry. And you know DJ Carnage shares those burrito pics. Everyone needs to see how beautiful their meals were. I know you know the feeling. I’m talking about you and those brunch photos you’re always sharing. Don’t be ashamed, DJs do it too.

9. They think that their friends (followers) will want to watch a 400 second Snap-story.

For example: We live in a world of immediacy and lack of attention. I only share ten seconds of my life with you through Snapchat, what makes you think I want to watch 400 seconds? That’s 40 ten second stories. We are all guilty of this. Including DJs. Ok, Dillon Francis. I’ll watch your super lengthy story, but only because you’ve got mad Snapchat skills.

10. They think that adding a black and white filter will make their photos look artistic.

For example: I’ll let the photos do the talking. We are all guilty of this, including DJs. Filters = art.

DJs are just like us. Snapchat has proven it.

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