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Zedd Explains Why A Lot Of EDM Isn't Actually Musical

With a huge promotion underway and tour dates announced for his new album True Colors, Zedd is taking advantage of the current spotlight to make his true opinions and missions known. In a recent interview with Complex magazine, the producer attempts to sheds light on the degeneration of musicality in EDM as well as how instruments make the difference. 

When Complex reporter Marcus Dowling asked Zedd about his goals with his creative process, the producer came back with a bold and insightful response. As a classically-trained musician, what Zedd has found is that a lot of music in this genre is not very musical. The producer's main goal then is to reverse the deterioration and push EDM to be more musical. 

“The more people that make music not-so musical, the more people accept that and think that’s how it should be...The amount of depth you can put into music and still make people understand it is getting very low and you can overload people’s minds very quickly with very little.

He goes on to cite iconic bands such as Genesis, The Beatles and Queen as examples of musicians that have successfully created music that speaks to wide audiences without compromising depth and complexity.

Dowling moves on to Zedd's songwriting process, asking about his tendency to gravitate towards the piano. Zedd replies with another assertive statement explaining why he writes his music on instruments first and then turns them into synths instead of the other way around. He hates it when he hears any electronic production that could never actually be produced on an instrument, like a drum pattern that would be impossible to play out or an 11-tonal element which couldn't be accomplished with 10 fingers. "It feels wrong," he says. 

By writing music on an instrument, you’ll make the music feel much more organic.

Listen to Zedd's latest single from the new album "Beautiful Now" featuring Jon Bellion below. To read the full interview conducted by Marcus Dowling, head over to Complex

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