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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Best Albums & EPs Of April 2015

In this new monthly series, EDM.com staff writer Cody Smith picks five albums and EPs that he considers to be the best releases of the month. While many high-profile albums come out each month, this series aims to highlight quality albums regardless of hype and mainstream appeal. This month, Cody's picks a comeback album from Squarepusher and a tour-de-force from Hegemon artist Daktyl. Read our picks for the albums and EPs of March below: 

5. GANZ - Dino War EP

Netherlands artist GANZ released his Dino War EP early on in April, but the EP champions many of the sounds GANZ helps innovate and push in electronic music today. Working through melodic vocal splices, trap/future bass hybrid of drums, and warm synths, GANZ showcases a wealth of potential with this release. If he continues to release EPs and maybe an album like this, GANZ will quickly climb the ranks of EDM producers. 

4. Daktyl - Cyclical 

Hegemon artist collective star Daktyl released his album Cyclical on Diplo's record label Mad Decent in April, and the LP represents a full-fledged vision in the young artist's career thus far. Future bass stylings, catchy vocal guest spots, and a wide range of sounds and elements, Cyclical contains 11 original tracks that fail to get old after repeated listens. Young artists rarely release albums, but Daktyl's embrace of the medium foreshadows longevity in his music career. 

3. George Fitzgerald - Fading Love 

British producer George Fitzgerald is known for producing deep house anthems, but his LP Fading Love scales things back to reach a quieter, more nuanced sound. He sticks to collaborating with only a few vocalists, notably Boxed In and Lawrence Hart, creating a central focus to an album about losing love. Quiet dance songs pondering love seem to be all the rage these days, but Fitzgerald makes the topic all his own. 

2. Samo Sound Boy - Begging Please 

Coming in at #2 on our list of albums and EPs for April, Samo Sound Boy pleases with his debut album Begging PleaseSimilar to Fitzgerald's album, this LP explores the state of a failing relationship, but injects the idea with a bit more soul. Samo Sound Boy blended soul and EDM before, but this record encompasses a larger scale version of that exploration. We hope more producers take note of Samo Sound Boy's ability to make EDM a bit more human. 

1. Squarepusher - Damogen Furies 

Electronic music pioneer Squarepusher released his 14th studio album in April, the abrasive but welcome Damogen Furies. Known early in his career for fusing drum and bass with jazz, Squarepusher ramps up the energy with a sonic flurry of tracks. From slamming the viewer with loud synths to sampling The CureDamogen Furies charts new territory for the seasoned producer. 

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