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deadmau5 Previews New Grabbitz Collaboration

Joel Zimmerman’s fuckmylife SoundCloud account has seen a new upload titled “aassddf.” The suspicious upload is actually a minute and a half-long preview of his collaboration with Monstercat producer Grabbitz. “aassddf” incorporates the distinct minimal deadmau5 production style including a pounding bassline with vibrant synths and evocative vocals from Grabbitz. 

Check out the preview of the collaboration below... 

Nick Chiari, the producer behind Grabbitz, has put out massive tracks with his recognizable vocal work including “Here With You Now,” “Turn Around” and “Friends” featuring Faustix. The two producers first started working together at the end of April 2015 when Zimmerman tweeted at Grabbitz regarding his vocal edit of the deadmau5 track “Silent Picture.”

Hear more of Grabbitz’ vocal work by checking out his seven-track Friends EP here.

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