EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Major U.S. Music Festival Teams Up With Big-Name Brewery To Create Collaborative Beer

When you think about fruitful partnerships in dance music, relationships between 7 UP, Budweiser or Red Bull and festivals like EDC and HARD often come to mind, but Lightning in a Bottle has launched a unique partnership to bring an exclusive product to their attendees. The festival has joined forces with the Colorado-based brewery New Belgium to create a collaborative beer, the Lightning in a Bottle Ale, a Berliner style Weiss.

The Berliner Style Weiss will be available at Lightning in a Bottle, as well as any satellite events or encore events that take place throughout the summer.

Lightning in a Bottle, which is produced by the same company as The DoLab stage at Coachella, is one of California’s premier underground festivals held annually in May, and this year, the festival will welcome FlumeRL GrimeODESZATycho, and many more.

 Limited tickets to the festival are still available, so get them here.


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