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Madeon Talks Creative Process, Developing The Adventure Tour & More [VIDEO]

In a few short years, the French producer, Huge Leclercq, better known as Madeon, has accomplished more than many producers hope to accomplish in their entire careers. Having been classically trained early on, Leclercq picked up composing at the age of 11. The wunderkind initially produced tracks under the moniker, Deamon, before transitioning into electronic music in 2010 and producing under his world-renowned Madeon persona.

Just months after picking up electronic music, Madeon entered and won a remix competition for Pendulum’s “The Island,” which catapulted the teenager to the forefront of the electronic music scene as a talent to watch. In 2011, Madeon unveiled his live mashup video, “Pop Culture,” which garnered over six million views in the first week it was online, solidifying the young Frenchman as the next superstar in dance music.

In 2015, Madeon released his debut artist album, Adventure, and embarked on a massive North American tour to showcase his album and premiere his brand new live show. In his live show, which Leclercq describes as the first true Madeon tour, the talented musician incorporates a number of live elements into his show, including live vocals.

In a recent interview with We Got This Covered, Madeon opens up about creating the Adventure tour. When asked about his inspirations for Adventure, Madeon said, “I like to wander around the Internet and just collect images that I like, and organize them by theme. I have a happy turquoise folder, an angry red folder, all of those emotions laid out. When I start a song, I like to find a few images that live in the same universe as the song, and look at them frequently as I make the song.”

Madeon goes on to explain his “24 hour studio lock” sessions, where he locks himself in a studio and gives himself 24 hours to start, complete, mix and master three original songs for an EP. This creative process gives the talented artist a chance to push himself and challenge himself to create some of his best tracks, like “Finale” and “Home.”

Check out the full interview with We Got This Covered and Madeon below!

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