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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Releases The Finished Collaboration With Grabbitz

Just two days ago, deadmau5 uploaded a preview of his collaboration with Monstercat producer Grabbitz on his fuckmylife Soundcloud page. Uploaded as "aassddff," the track revealed to be the vocal edit of deadmau5's "Silent Picture." The collaboration was initiated when deadmau5 came across Grabbitz's vocal edit of the track and reached out to the producer on Twitter suggesting they finish it together. Now, the two artists have released the full track on deadmau5's fuckmylife channel, this time with "BLOOD FOR THE BLOODGOAT" in place of the track title. Hear the 7-minute, hauntingly dark and beautiful track in all its glory below...  

deadmau5 went to Twitter to clear up any questions about the track title... 

Want to hear more Grabbitz? Check out his seven-track Friends EP here.

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