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A Kickstarter Is Making Music History With A New Film On A Legendary Nightclub [VIDEO]

The Paradise Garage, a prominent nightclub that thrived in the 70s and 80s, has been closed for quite sometime, but a new crowdfunding project is making its story and impact on music and culture known by attempting to immortalize the club into a film. A Kickstarter has been launched to recount the club's history in a documentary entitled The Paradise Garage Movie: Larry Levan & Michael Brody Story. Check out the video below... 

Opened from 1976 to 1987, this iconic NYC establishment was said to be one of the most influential clubs in the history of underground music and was responsible for the rise of the club culture scene we know and love today. The club was also well known for embracing the LGBT community and has made its mark on so many people including the man behind writing and directing the film, Jonathan Ullman, who has been deeply rooted in Paradise Garage since its beginnings. 

“This scripted feature film will take audiences on a journey from Michael’s early struggles with the club to its marathon closing weekend. It will follow Larry Levan’s rise to prominence as a world renowned DJ, his unique ability to create hit records – which were always the heartbeat of the Garage – and it will candidly detail the tragic circumstances that led to the closing of the club,” the Kickstarter reads. 

Jonathan Ullman and producer Jay Malla Maldonado are working to raise $175,000 through the Kickstarter. They have 17 days to bring the Paradise Garage back to life. Click here to contribute


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