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Diplo & Skrillex Explain How The Justin Bieber Collab Really Happened [VIDEO]

Since Skrillex and Diplo worked with Justin Bieber on the massive song “Where Are Ü Now” for their debut album, people have been talking non-stop as to how this unforeseen combination came into play. While the track was a widespread success, adding Justin Bieber to the mix was a first for electronic dance music and somewhat of a risk. In an interview with VH1 at Hangout Music Festival in Alabama, Jack Ü finally explains how the collab came about. 

Due to the weird and unexpected nature that is Jack Ü, the unpredicted collab doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary. “With us, there couldn’t have been a more unexpected, weirder idea than just to do a song with Justin Bieber,” said Diplo.

Skrillex also mentioned how the trio met in the first place: “We met him at a club randomly. If there’s good chemistry and the vibe is alright, you can’t be afraid to try anything with anybody. There’s no reason you should ever limit yourself.”

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