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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To A Preview Of Deadmau5 And Kaskade's New Collaboration

There has been a lot of attention surrounding deadmau5’s fuckmylife Soundcloud page in the last 24 hours. Without giving time for the hype to die down over the Grabbitz collaboration, deadmau5 has uploaded another glimpse of new music on the way. Fresh off of collaborating with Grabbitz, deadmau5 has now teamed up with Atmosphere producer Kaskade and vocalist Skylar Grey.

Posted just a few hours after the Grabbitz track, the 1:44-long preview titled "Beneath With Me" came with an interesting description on Soundcloud:

“a song about a dead person singing to a not dead person to come be dead with them. thats the idea anyway.”

The track opens with organ-like chords instantly recognizable as mau5. Around the thirty second mark, Grey’s voice joins the mix, giving a bone-chilling vibe to the sorrowful yet beautifully ethereal song. Listen to the preview of the new collaborative track below... 

deadmau5’s twitter post about the song implies that fans should keep a watchful eye on his Soundcloud page as more material is likely to surface. Stay tuned to EDM.com, and we'll keep you in the know! 

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