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EDM.com Spotlight

DJ Teams Up With Intel To Try And Rid DJ Booths Of Laptops

Scratch enthusiast DJ Qbert has joined forces with microprocessor professional Intel to remove laptops from DJ booths. Qbert’s company Thud Rumble and Intel are working together to produce tiny microcomputers to take laptops out of the digital DJ system equation entirely. The backbone of the project lies in the Edison processor, which sits at an affordable price of $55. It has a dual core 500MHz CPU plus an additional 100 MHz Quark micro-controller, as well as memory storage, USB ports and more.

The Edison processor has applications that control both audio playback and production hardware. First introduced at the Bay Area Maker Faire, the Edison processor was demonstrated with Native Instruments’ Maschine controller and Kontrol S25 keyboard. It can also fully control a digital DJ station including a Vestax PDX-200k MkII turntable and Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 mixer.

[H/T: Fact Mag]

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