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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch This 15-Year-Old Disabled Artist Produce Music Using His Feet [VIDEO]

Coming out of Kinderdijk, Netherlands, Glenn Nugteren, is breaking musical boundaries on an entirely new level. The 15-year-old DJ/producer knows no limits when it comes to his disabilities, as the extreme flexibility of his semi-functional feet allow him to write, type, play Xbox, drive his wheelchair, breakdance and even produce music using FL Studio. Watch how this inspiring producer makes music below. Then, continue to scroll to see what DJ/producer recently reached out to him for encouragement.

“‘Can’t do it’ is not in his vocabulary. Instead, he says, ‘I will do it my way.’” – Glenn’s mother Cinska Arkema

Since early March 2015, Laidback Luke has had his eye on the young and talented artist with infinite motivation. Nugteren is currently producing 10 demos for the artist, although when they first crossed paths in Utretcht at Dancefair he presented the founder of Mixmash Records 20 demos of his own: “I wanted to speak with him, so I drove to him and we got to talking. He was amazed seeing me making music with my feet,” said Nugteren.

Glenn Nugteren is a prime example of a passionate and preserving force in the music industry, with a handful of uploads posted on his Soundcloud page. You can check out his latest release “Horns” below, which is also available for free download.

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