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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Teams Up With US-Based Super Music Group

DJ/producer Kaskade and Los Angeles-based management group Little Empire Music have freshly acquired the Miami-based boutique artist management Super Music Group. Ultimately, this exchange of powers will get the Miami dance scene more closely acquainted with Little Empire Music. At the same time, Kaskade and Little Empire Music’s global reach will surely benefit Super Music Group, as well. 

Kaskade explained that his Atmosphere Tour was the beginning of the partnership: "I first got to know what Super Music was really about after inviting their client Amtrac to open on the entire Atmosphere Tour in 2013. It became apparent that not only do we have like-minded taste in music, but that these guys deliver at every possible opportunity."

"They're a talented group of executives that operate like a close-knit family alongside their inspired roster of artists. I'm excited to go deeper into business with Super and to grow with one another,” added Stephanie LaFera, founder of Little Empire Music.

Celebrate this awesome union with another one of Kaskade's great partnerships. Listen to Kaskade and Deadmau5's former collab and the preview to their newest collab with Skylar Grey below... 

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