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Future Bass Artist ABSRDST Takes On Diddy Kong In New Single

ABSRDST has turned the N64 celebrity Diddy Kong into a featured artist. From Groton, Massachusetts, this developing artist's music makes you feel like you're skipping through an anime jungle as Diddy Kong the character himself. The small spider monkey has made an appearance in several Nintendo games including Donkey Kong Land, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and his own Diddy Kong Racing, but this is his first true appearance on an funky track like this.

The track starts off with smooth plucky synths and harmonizing monkey hoots, then follows with a beautiful top line of bells and an ultra-funky bassline underneath. The soft-sampled monkey tones accompanied by the groovy woodblocks will put you into another world where you can't help but bob your head. Check out the crazy new single below:


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