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EDM.com Spotlight

The Glitch Mob Releases Documentary 'Behind The Blade' Revealing Their Jaw-Dropping Live Setup

EDM trio The Glitch Mob have spent the last two years documenting their live performance setup, a custom-built device dubbed "The Blade." The group enlisted Matt Davis and his team at Name the Machine to create this unique, forward-thinking electronic music performance system. The new interface created solely for The Glitch Mob has become so integral to the group since its induction in 2014 that the band views it as their fourth member.

The Blade was designed to revolutionize electronic music performance, blending futuristic industrial aesthetics with a fully-functional digital control interface, allowing the trio to unleash their full performance potential. While there has been a lot of buzz recently in the EDM world about maximizing performance capability, with many acts trying to get out of the DJ booth, The Glitch Mob have definitely taken this concept as far as it can go given the current technology available. During the creative process of bringing this unique performance platform to life, The Glitch Mob were followed by a camera crew to document the birth and development of the performance system.

The new set-up features custom software that gives the band the ability to swap live roles on the fly, an interactive light system, and live percussion capabilities. In the words of member Justin Boreta, “It’s a living, breathing organism.”

You can check out the documentary Behind The Blade below...  

The Glitch Mob will be hosting a Reddit AMA on Wednesday May 20th at 11am PST to answer questions about The Blade. Check out a list of tour dates to see The Blade live in concert here.

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