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Watch The First Trailer For The EDM Movie 'We Are Your Friends' [VIDEO]

The first official trailer has appeared online for We Are Your Friends, a new movie starring Zac Efron as an aspiring DJ trying to make his mark on the EDM scene. The film is being produced by Warner Bros. Studios in conjunction with Studiocanal and is being directed by up-and-comer Max Joseph, who has previously directed MTV’s Catfish.

Seeking to take advantage of the recent EDM explosion, the film is set in Los Angeles and tells the story of Cole (Efron), a 23-year-old DJ who dreams with his friends of being a big-time producer. To prepare for the role, Efron received some lessons from Alesso. The coming of age story also stars Wes Bentley (famous for his role as Ricky Fitts in American Beauty) as James, an older DJ who sees the potential in Cole and takes him under his wing. Check out the first official trailer below... 

The trailer builds the film up to be a story to represent a new generation where EDM is the current gold rush and everyone is trying to navigate the trappings and pitfalls of trying to make it big as a DJ: “If you’re a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent, and one track.”

Emily Ratajkowski co-stars as the love interest who will come between Cole and his mentor James just as success begins to loom on the horizon, forcing Cole to choose between love, loyalty, and his dreams. We Are Your Friends will be in theaters August 28, 2015.

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