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EDM.com Spotlight

Audio Company Invents World’s First Ever Levitating Speaker [VIDEO]

OM Audio has outdone itself and essentially every other speaker company that exists. Their latest innovation is a Bluetooth speaker called the OM/ONE, taking personal listening to a whole different level of awesome. The brush metal and chrome OM/ONE is an orb-shaped speaker that has the ability to levitate.  

ONE orb is just 3.6” in diameter, and weighs less than a pound. The speaker employs cutting-edge technology, including Bluetooth 4.0 which allows it to pair with virtually any device currently on the market. Fitted with a Type-1 mic, the little orb can also act as a speakerphone. On top of it's incredible futuristic look, the OM/ONE provides undistorted sound with its spherical shape and carries a 3-watt RMS amplifier that produces 110 dB. OM/ONE is able to stay charged for up to 15 hours. 

The makers of OM/ONE intend to harness the interest of the crowdfunding community to make this product fully available on the market. Imagine listening to your favorite DJ/producer as you watch this amazing speaker literally float in the air. A price tag of $199.00 seems surprisingly reasonable for this sick-looking speaker. Preorder yours here.

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