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EDM.com Spotlight

Pete Tong To Curate History of Ibiza With A Full Live Orchestra

BBC Proms is quickly approaching its 120th anniversary. As the world's largest classical music festival, Proms has become a cultural staple. This year, they are celebrating this landmark occasion with a special segment by Pete Tong, who will be curating a unique show for the event.

Tong aims to portray a history of dance music in Ibiza. But instead of spinning a set, an orchestra will be performing live renditions of the music he selects. The event is set to take place on July 29 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Tong describes the upcoming performance saying... 

In this Prom, we are re-imagining some of the most enduring dance music tracks in the history of dance music and I'm very excited to help curate and guide that - as well as presenting.

As electronic music and live instrumentation continue to merge, this event signals an optimistic future for EDM's place in our culture. You can head to the Proms official site for more information, and keep an eye on Pete Tong's social media for further details surrounding the sepcial curated event. In the meantime, enjoy Tong's latest mix sampler... 


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