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This High-Tech Wristband Charges Any Electronic Device On The Go [VIDEO]

As the music festival industry continues to expand, more and more products are popping up designed to enhance the festival experience. The latest game-changer is the revolutionary Boost Band designed by Paul Elliot and David Spang. This high-tech bracelet concept is the ultimate answer to your festival prayers. With a goal of $30,000 to be backed by June 21, 2015, Elliot and Spang are looking to improve the way people communicate on the go with their comfortable and sleek portable power bank.

Denoted as “the world’s first universal power bank wristband,” Elliot and Spang first conceived the product back in early 2015 when the idea of a portable mini USB input/output wristband came to mind. When Spang brought two power banks to a music festival, he lost both and experienced difficulty keeping his phone and GoPro charged. He came to the conclusion that there had to be a better solution to staying charged on the go without extra effort.

The Boost Band maintains 1500 mAh capacity battery, which translates to 80% battery life for an iPhone 6 and 50% for a Samsung Galaxy S5. The band is composed out of a thermo plastic elastomer, achieving a secure and safe power supply for any electronic device capable of charging via USB.

If the Kickstarter program reaches Elliot and Spang’s total goal of $30,000 by the established date, the first batch will ship July 2015. By backing the project now, you will receive various rewards depending on the amount you choose to donate. If you choose to donate $30, you will receive the Patriot Boost Band, for example. This includes a special edition patriot red Boost Band as well as an equal donation to Operation Gratitude that goes towards supporting our troops. 

Check out the latest festival gear below.

You can back the Boost Band project here.

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