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EDM.com Spotlight

Major U.S. Music Festival Revolutionizes Safety, Offers On-Site Mental Health Services

The California-based music festival ‘Lightning In A Bottle’ is teaming up with DanceSafe and the Zendo Project to ensure the safety of festivalgoers this memorial weekend. DanceSafe is a public health organization dedicated to providing information ranging from hearing protection to drug education to the electronic music culture. Zendo Project provides a safe-area apart from the main festival, where audience members have access to trained therapists to assist them with psychological issues they may be undergoing.

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In their own words, the mission of Zendo Project is to “provide a supportive space for Guests undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences or other psychological emergencies in order to transform potentially traumatic experiences into valuable learning opportunities, and to reduce the number of drug-related psychiatric hospitalization.” Zendo Project will be educating festival attendees about the services they provide on May 22 at the Pineal Playground section of the festival.

Lightning In A Bottle has not seen the number of hospitalizations and deaths that some of the bigger festivals have, and they are doing everything they can to make sure it stays that way. “We just want to keep people safe, happy and out of the medical tent,” says festival organizer Dede Flemming.

As the festival industry continues to grow, the influx of people will undoubtedly bring about a rise in drug use at festivals, and Lightning in a Bottle has shown for a number of years now that they are committed to taking a leadership role in the industry as far as safety is concerned.

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