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Skrillex Launches Satellite To Create Custom Outer Space App & Phone Case [VIDEO]

Skrillex surprised many with the launch of his 2013 app/game Alien Ride, which happened to also unveil his surprise debut album Recess. A little over a year later, Skrillex returns to the app world in a new partnership with Google, but this next foray into cellular development brings a cool product in addition to a brand new app.

A new phone case, called the Skrillex Live Case, is now available to purchase on the Google Play store. Leading up to the case launch, the producer sent a satellite with an attached camera above the Nevada desert, capturing images that will be incorporated with an app exclusively available to fans who purchase the Live Case. 

The app showcases satellite images of Earth and the night sky, in addition to art designed by artist Sus Boy. The app's accompanying wallpaper also gives constellation locations based upon the user's location. The app will also act as a hub for new music from Skrillex's record label OWSLA, as well as the possibility of premiering new music from the producer himself.

The Live Case comes in three potential designs, all inspired by video game title screens. The case is available on the Google Play store now for $40 and is compatible with the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Note 4.

Check out the video announcement of the Skrillex Live Case where you can watch Sonny launch his satellite into the stratosphere below... 

Skrillex told Rolling Stone in an interview that he's always loved learning about space and thinking about life on other planets: "The building blocks of matter are the same all over the universe... So maybe the 12 notes are felt through the universe in the same way. What I'm trying to say is, it could be possible that aliens like my music!"


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