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10 Best Ways To Pass The Time On The CounterPoint Road Trip

There's plenty of planning that goes in hand with attending a festival. Frequent visits to the grocery store for items like baby wipes and granola bars are part of the game (or SPAM if ya nasty). Of course there's the time that goes into planning those perfect outfits that scream, "Hey, I'm fun, but also, it's hot as f*ck so I can only give you 60% of my energy." And then there's the road trip! You've already picked up your friends from various locations and packed the car in ways that you didn't even know what possible, and now the long stretch of open road is the only thing between you and paradise. The anticipation can be a killer, but road trips are all part of the process. This especially rings true for festivals like CounterPoint Music Festival, where the closest airport is still several hours away from your final destination. As the old saying goes, good things come to those who wait.


Although we are arguably one of the most distracted, loosey goosey, non-committal generations to exist, we are by far the funniest and most creative. Believe in yourself! Here are 10 ways to enhance your road trip to CounterPoint. Hell, you might even have a little fun in the process.

1) Go Coning.

I'm not a huge proponent of messing with fast food employees, but the instigator is the one who gets the raw deal in this car game, so go nuts. Choose a fast food establishment that you know serves soft serve cones and order one. Pay for your cone and upon reaching the second window, grab the cone ice cream up. Yes, your hand is going to be cold and sticky, and no, you probably won't get to eat the ice cream cone, but the sheer stupidity is enough to keep you laughing for at least an hour. This was a short lived trend, but I wholly believe that you guys can come up with some kind of awesome remix - add sprinkles, add glitter, try to eat the cone and miss by shoving it into your ear. You are an endless fountain of creativity - tap into that. Just be nice to the employees, and maybe even PLUR them as you drive away.

2) Play a game of "KILL.FUCK.MARRY." using your favorite DJ's. 

Everyone knows this classic game where you are presented with the names of three people and you have a difficult choice to make: Of the three, Who to Kill? Who to Fuck? And who to Marry?. Okay, so I'll start you off with an easy one: Deadmau5, Dillon Francis, Skrillex. Go.

3) Create a "car signal" for communicating with other festies you meet on the road. 

You'll recognize fellow festival-goers by their playfully decorated vehicles, packed back windows, and lack of seats often filled with people laughing, singing, and having a blast. Come up with your own choreographed wave, a catch phrase or simply roll down your windows while blasting your favorite new summer song to let others know just how pumped you are. I recommend Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake.

4) Play a game of Catchphrase.

A favorite among party animals and travelers, Catchphrase is great because it's easily portable, only requires the one electronic game piece and becomes increasingly more fun as your slaphappiness increases. The rules here are super easy - Assign teams (this works best by just appointing every other person in the car) and pick a category. You will be given a word which you are now required to describe without using any part of the word. Remember, you cannot give the first letter of the word, do any physical gestures or use rhymes with. When one of your team members guesses the word correctly, you must rapidly pass the game unit to the next person in the car. The team not holding the buzzer gets one point for the round. They also have the opportunity to guess the other team's word for a bonus point. Each round is worth 2 points. Play as long as you want, but I recommend that the driver sit this one out.

5) Stop at a Waffle House or a comparable diner that offers next level hashbrowns. 

You're going to need to get out and stretch your legs at some point. Why not pair that stretch time with terrible coffee, prime people watching and hashbrowns "scattered all the way" in an atmosphere where ambitious truckers go to hook up with mostly bored waitresses. What's "scattered all the way" you ask? It's basically the deep house of breakfast potatoes, because those toppings are piled so high, son. They take those plentiful, most likely frozen, potato pieces and spread them across a flat top with items like tomatoes, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, ham chunks, two slices of american cheese, and yes, CHILI. You will most certainly spend the rest of your road trip with heartburn and indigestion, but wasn't it worth it to scarf down that last pre-camping meal while listening to Under the Boardwalk from a half-broken juke box?

6) Visit a small-town sex shop.

I suggest this one sheerly for the laughs, but I suppose you also want to be prepared if you meet that special somone whilst frolicking in the forest (another reason to keep a solid supply of baby wipes on hand at all time). These sex shops are usually located in the creepiest, most desolate stretches of land. The other positive is you sometimes get protestors. Give them something else to bitch about by parading around in your rave bras and speedos. After all guys, we encompass the fear of middle America. We are the danger.

7) Start your career as a social DJ with Lysn In.

I'm sure there are other apps that work similarly, but Lysn In is a favorite among friends which allows a user to create their own playlist and share with others who have the app. Build a ballin' playlist with your car cohorts so you're ready to rock that road-cred when you arrive. Albums that are sure to be hot on the festival circuit this summer are Zedd's True Colors, Dillon Francis' Money Sucks, Friends Rules, Major Lazer's Peace is the Mission and Jack Ü's self titled album.

8) Make kandi.

You're bound to make new friends at Electric Forest. Don't you want to be able to reciprocate that friendship with a colorful beaded bracelet? Create your own signature phrases for a "custom-line" that makes other festival goers hope that they get PLUR'ed by you this weekend. 

9) Play a game of "Would you Rather?"

You can find out a lot about your friends by playing a game of would you rather. The premise here is simple: pose two scenarios and inquire which one your friend would "rather" do. This is more fun when both of the scenarios are awful. Come to think of it, we had a pretty similar game of this going when we heard Jack Johnson was replacing a dropped headliner at Bonnaroo in 2013. We played "Would you rather see a Jack Johnson headlining set or (insert terrible thing here). Some of my favorites included "read 50 Shades of Grey out loud to my grandmother" and "attempt to eat glass." See! It's a fun game.

10) Play a game of "I Spy". 

This is a classic car game, so I'm sure you already know the rules. Pick something in the near vicinity and say, "I spy with my little eye something (insert color)." From here, your carmates will have the chance to guess the item based on the color. They can ask for up to three additional hints by asking questions like, "Is it big or small?", "Is it living?", you get the point. This game will inevitably get more fun as you approach the festival and more and more of your fellow cars are covered in fun festival gear.

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