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EDM.com Spotlight

CounterPoint Music Festival Game Center Offers Lawn Bowling, Water Balloon Dodgeball & More

There are two types of festival-goers, those that plan out each minute of their day to ensure they see the most music possible and those that simply venture out with no plans but to be spontaneous and follow the fun. Fortunately, both festival-goers will love the thoughtful and creative environment that Counterpoint Music Festival has created.

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CounterPoint Music Festival thought of everything. This Georgia-based festival carefully crafted the grounds to offer endless adventure. From yoga to a full-on game center, Counterpoint is changing the way we think about music-centered events. The game center, alone, is basically a playground for adults. Check it out...

From 10am to 6pm each day of the festival, the game center offers fun activities to get fans in the giddy festival spirit. There will be both scheduled events and games to leisurely enjoy on your own time! 

Scheduled Events

Whether fans plan to hit the game center before their day of music begins or they randomly stumble on this goldmine, the game center will be non-stop entertainment for fun-seekers from 10am to 6pm. These games will have you and your crew either cracking up in laughter or enjoying some serious (but friendly, of course) competition. These are just some of the scheduled events attendees can look forward to... 

• Lawn Bowling
• Water Balloon Dodgeball  
• Giant Twister
• Sack Race
• Mini Soccer
• Bocceball 
• Kickball 

Could it really get better than lawn bowling? Actually, yes. For those attendees that are looking to play at their own pace, there will be plenty of yard games for a pick-up match with your friends. 

Yard Games 

Imagine having all of your favorite games as a kid in one place, but this time, blown up to giant-sized versions that really make you feel like a kid again. That's pretty much what the yard games are going to be like. Giant Jenga, Plus-Sized Checkers and Lawn Pong will make for hilariously awesome game time while classics like cornhole, horseshoes, hackysack, frisbee and ring toss make sure that there really is something for everyone.

Read more about the game center and check out the full schedule of events here

All of this is on top of an already killer lineup of amazing music and art. All in all, there's not a dull moment in sight for the 2015 Counterpoint event. 


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