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EDM.com Spotlight

This Wearable Speaker Packs Big Sound For A Small Price

Tech accessories put the future in your hands and companies like BiGR Audio, who created the wearable Bluetooth speaker WristBoom, are on the forefront of tomorrow. The device is worn similarly to a watch and provides its users with amplified sound from Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or tablet. 

Collecting capital from the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, the California-based company hopes to raise $35,000 to begin shipping in August and will cost $49. If you're quick enough, there is an early bird price available for $20. The speaker is pretty decent for its size, boasting 4 Ohms and 2 Watts, with a frequency response of 60 hz to 20,000 khz. It would take the device about 2 hours to fully charge and holds a battery life of 4-6 hours - which will most likely last longer than your phone.

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