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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 48

10. Our Time - Horror Story (Ft. Elizaveta)

Allow me to preface this paragraph with a quick mention of how this particular composition probably won’t fall under your typical description of dirty drops. Now that we’ve got that nasty business out of the way, I think we’re good to proceed. Making up ⅓ of Our Time's thrilling Ambush EP on Play Me Records, “Horror Story” actually marks the Oklahoma City duo’s first appearance on our weekly dubstep ritual.

Staying true to its title, this spine-tingling tune meticulously dices your eardrums to bits with dramatic chord progressions and some of the most mesmerizing vocals I’ve come across recently - courtesy of Elizaveta. For those of you who were introduced to dance music through groups like Nero and Zeds Dead, these drops should suit you just perfectly. Rise up my sub soldiers, it’s your time to shine.

9. Twine - Trash Talk

Since the dawn of this segment, Twine has long been recognized as one of the biggest OG’s that dubstep has to offer. Honestly, I don’t even hesitate anymore when it comes to listing him alongside names like Datsik and Protohype. This kid has that much potential. With the greater bass music public standing in his corner, it now becomes Twine’s sole responsibility to expand on all of his remarkable achievements. If his hybrid high jinks are any evidence of this producer’s unique ability to always remain on the cutting-edge, then I have no doubt that he’ll continue to shatter people’s expectations.

“Trash Talk” essentially adds another crucial piece to Clark Robinson's ever-expanding dubstep empire. A very crunchy, undeniably grimy, shockingly hard piece at that - and with the drops to match. Clearly Twine can walk the walk, so I’ve got no problem watching him talk the talk. No matter how trashy it gets.

8. Modestep - Sing (Ft. Trolley Snatcha)

The anticipation surrounding Modestep’s London Road album has officially reached levels of immeasurable proportions. Due out on May 25th, the trio’s new-look is sure to turn some heads - for better or for worse. However, if you really go way back with this EDM entity, I’m talking about the “Feel Good” and “Sunlight” days, then you should have little difficulty locating something to dance to on this forthcoming release. While their sound differs slightly from their traditional live band feel, the core of what once was is still very much intact.

Add Trolley Snatcha into that mix of badass musicians and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a dubstep disaster with dire consequences. When “Sing” starts coursing through your sound system, you better lace up those sneakers and sprint towards the nearest bomb shelter. I’m not saying these drops will make your computer explode… but they might. And I rather not have to call your parents tomorrow and explain the cause behind your untimely demise. So be careful eager listeners, I’m just trying to have your back.

7. Gh0sh x Villain x Unnatural Forces - Brain Rot

Representing the first of two tracks to strut into our countdown from the SUBLMNL VOL. 4 collection, this three-headed monster of a collaboration will have you feeling some type of evil. Don’t be afraid to bust out that sinister laugh or showcase your most intimidating sideways grin. Hell, you can even rub your hands together menacingly as if your diabolical master plan is unfolding flawlessly, I won’t judge you.

The truth is, we all have a little bit of a dark side to us, am I right? So what’s the harm in letting that part of you come out to play every once in awhile? Dubstep literally provides the ideal playground. It’s a place where the only thing that gets bullied are the beats - and Gh0sh, Villain, and Unnatural Forces just so happen to be some of the biggest boys on the block. The four muscle-bound drops in “Brain Rot’ won’t just demand your lunch money, they’ll give you a sloppy swirly and atomic wedgie that you’ll surely never forget. If you think your body aches now, just wait another 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

6. Walter Wilde - Feel

Why just listen to drops like some jackass when you can feel them instead? That’s pretty sound logic if you ask me. In celebration of eclipsing the 4k follower mark on SoundCloud, Walter Wilde has given his diehard fan base the best gift they could ever ask for. Free music. With the release of his Nostradamus EP on I.Am.Audio right around the corner, you should view this bouncy track as the tasty appetizer before the bass-heavy entrée.

Cam Bryan’s ascent through the EDM ranks hasn’t always been easy, but that has never discouraged the youngster from staying true to his dubstep roots. Don’t get me wrong, he’s messed around with other genres here and there - but when it comes down to it, filthy wubs are this guy’s forte. Regardless of whether you are already familiar with this artist or just now hearing his name for the first time, the skull-rattling drops in “Feel” will make everybody’s floor shake and walls wobble. It’s inevitable. Trust me, Walter Wilde has never been shy about slaughtering an unsuspecting set of speakers.

5. Rakket x Absent Presence - Profanity

When the downright mental drops in “Profanity” enter your inner ear’s airspace, you’ll instantly find yourself blurting out f-bombs uncontrollably. Toss a few extra ‘goddamns’ or ‘holy shits’ in there and you’ll be absolutely golden. After you get done swearing up a storm, don’t even bother washing out your mouth with soap because your entire body is going to require a thorough sanitizing.

While Rakket has participated in our weekly dubstep shenanigans previously, this is the first Absent Presence sighting that we’ve had on the premises. The up-and-coming Belgian producer is a fairly fresh face to me, but one that I’m expecting big things from in the future. Rakket on the other hand, well, this fella is just one bad dude. Please reference “Tex Mex” or “Gnarly” if you don’t believe me. His bangers always hit me like a ton of bricks… followed by a ton a boulders. I don’t want to say that the drops in this collab are insanely dirty, but they do make a decrepit warehouse look like a luxury resort. So yeah, I’ll leave it at that.

4. MuK & Skarz - Skarface

Make no mistake about it, MuK is a man on a mission… a mission to destroy the dubstep demographic with drops so mean they won’t even bother to tell you the time of day - despite you asking kindly. I’m actually scheduled to have my first run-in with this fast-rising producer at Infrasound, and personally I can’t wait to watch him throw down some of the rawest, nastiest, and most skanked-out bass tunes I’ve ever heard on a live setup.

Having said that, today’s lesson revolves entirely around “Skarface.” Although this is my first encounter with Skarz, I definitely like what I’ve heard so far. Leaving quite the lasting impression, this absurdly dark tune possess the type of drops that pulverize bones and tear apart tendons - aka another walk in the park for the majority of you battle-tested dubstep veterans. In all seriousness people, both of these crafty producers belong on your watch list.

3. Masq - Juggernaut

My favorite brand of dirty drops tend to lean towards the stranger end of the spectrum. Drops that by no means obey the normal laws of standard dubstep production. I’m speaking about the kind of unusual noises that you only hear about in ancient bass music myths. When tracks of this nature wander into my crosshairs, I’m forced to fire away with any ammunition I’ve got available. Hey, somebody around here has to look out for the well-being of your precious ear holes - and I’m happy to do it.

Masq has maneuvered his way onto our weekly roundup only once prior, but he never fails to make his opportunities count when they matter the most. For you brave souls naive enough to convince yourself that you can handle the aftermath that follows “Juggernaut,” you’re in for one hell of a rude awakening. These heinous drops will stomp all over your pride, drain you of every ounce of confidence, and completely devour your ego just for the fun of it. Click that sneaky little play button and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Zomboy - Airborne (MUST DIE! Remix)

Is it trench? Is it riddim? Is it brostep. No, it’s MUST DIE!. Plain and simple. In the past, I’ve typically refrained from using Beatport’s charts as an accurate measuring stick for a song’s success - because if this music industry has taught me one valuable lesson, it’s to trust my ears over my eyes. Every single day, every single minute, every gosh darn single second. Nevertheless, this MUST DIE! remix of Zomboy’s “Airborne” doesn’t just pass the visual test with flying colors, it aces the auditory one too.

Back when dubstep was trudging through some of its darker days, circa 2013, there was one producer on the scene putting every other artist to shame. He didn’t do it intentionally or to step on anybody’s toes, but the bottom line was that Lee Bates was so far ahead of the game that it wasn’t even funny. Since then, he’s just gone on to become one of bass music’s most in demand acts. No big deal. But you know what is a big deal? The whopping drops in this paralyzing remix. Give em’ a go firsthand and start sipping the MUST DIE! Kool-Aid.

1. Algo x Dubloadz - Despair

Praise the bass music gods, because when Algo & Dubloadz make the conscious decision to team up on a track together, no force in this universe can restrain them. Algoloadz isn’t just a gnarly drop tandem, it’s a way of life - and if you’re aren’t living it, you might as well hang up your dubstep kicks and call it a day already.

As for “Despair” itself, the raw brutality displayed throughout this deadly track is something we’ve come to expect from both of these top-of-the-line musicians. Each drop has left me utterly speechless. There is literally no combination of words that could do this song any justice. Keeping that in mind, I think it’s wisest to let these gory drops advocate for themselves. Help yourself to a free download of this knee-buckling ballad and get a glimpse of true dubstep terror.

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